Eggplant caviar

From Yves Parent.
1 medium size eggplant
1 big garlic clove (or 2 small ones)
1 lime
4 to 6 drops of Tabasco
1 Tbsp of chopped cilantro
I Tbsp of olive oil (optional)

  • Put the oven on broil.
  • Prick the top part of the eggplant with a fork or knife to avoid bursting.
  • Put the eggplant on an aluminum foil and broil 18 to 20 minutes on each side.
  • Split the eggplant in two lengthwise and scoop out the pulp in a bowl.
  • Add one crushed garlic clove, the lime juice, chopped cilantro, Tabasco and salt.
  • Mix in food processor.
  • Serve chilled with crackers or veggies as an appetizer or hot as a side dish with chicken or salmon.