Poires Charpini

Pastry cream

2 Tbsp of cornstarch
2 Tbsp of flour
1/2 cup of sugar
3 egg yolks
3 cups of milk
3 Tbsp of butter – 2 Tbsp of liqueur (pear brandy)
2 Tbsp of crystallized ginger

  • In a 1 1/2 quart saucepan, bring 3 cups of milk to a boil on medium heat.
  • Meanwhile, sift cornstarch and flour into a 3 quart mixing bowl.
  • Mix in the sugar.
  • Break 3 egg yolks in another bowl and beat slightly.
  • Quickly pour half the boiling milk in the flour-sugar-cornstarch mixture.
  • Whisk vigorously to break any lumps.
  • Mix in the beaten egg yolks.
  • Add the rest of the milk to the mixture. Return to cook over medium heat until the custard thickens.
  • Remove from the heat and add the soften butter.
  • Mix well and add the liqueur.
  • Cover with a plastic wrap and refrigerate.
  • When ready to use add the crystallized ginger.

Poached pears

4 Anjou pears
1/2 lemon
1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water

  • Cut the pears lengthwise, peel and core them.
  • Rub half a lemon on the pears to keep them from darkening.
  • Combine 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup of water in each of two skillets.
  • Cook to dissolve the sugar.
  • Pour 4 pear half in each skillet and cook for 5 minutes on each side, ladling syrup on top of the pears. They should be tender but not mushy.
  • Remove the pears and dice in 1/2″ cubes.
  • Put the cubes in glasses and fill with the pastry cream. Refrigerate.
  • Combine the cooking syrup in one skillet.
  • Cook until it caramelized.
  • Ladle the hot caramel over each glass.